Locally Sourced, Craft Cuisine

At Goldfinch we source our food from farmers and ranchers that respect the land and the animals. Our focus will be on the ingredients and the natural ways in which they are prepared and handled as they are grown, prepared, cooked, and served.

Hector is 27 years old and comes from a first generation Cuban family. At 18 years of age he started working in kitchens and bakeries in Spokane and after studying at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy (INCA) he continued working in restaurants and clubs around Spokane. His passion revolves around a commitment to bringing back the spirit of community and family to restaurants and the respect for plants and animals that is missing from so much of today’s food industry.
Hector is both passionate and determined to use the restaurant as a tool to develop the local economy and strengthen the relationships between farmers, chefs and his guests.